Our Vision About the NHS Digital Academy

Our first learning product was offered in 2018 - a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Health Leadership, which helped establish a powerful reputation and become a foundation for the NHS Digital Academy. 

It showed a demand to expand and create other digital learning products which were catered to a range of professional backgrounds across the workforce.

The NHS Digital Academy now delivers a variety of digital learning programmes and opportunities. 

As the Digital Academy evolves, everything we do continues to be underpinned by our core principles:

  • Have a suite of learning that is branded, reusable, accredited, curated and evaluated.
  • Include programmes and learning to support change leaders in the earlier stages of their career and supporting local needs.
  • Ensure increased, easy, open access to NHS Digital Academy learning materials.
  • Embed a transparent and inclusive recruitment process for programmes with emphasis on reaching underrepresented groups.
  • Work with stakeholders to develop demand-led specialist learning tailored to specific needs.
  • Create a supportive learning culture with signposting to appropriate opportunities based on individual need.

For any further information on our programmes and learning opportunities, please contact the NHS Digital Academy.