Our Future Vision

Our future vision work was developed openly with stakeholders and is now underpinned by the following principles:

  • We will have a set of learning programmes and artefacts which are branded, reusable, accredited, curated and evaluated
  • Our offer will include programmes to support digital change leaders in the earlier stages of their career to complement the current landscape and support local needs​. We will understand how this journey may build from the offers that exist for graduates, school leavers and entry level initiatives
  • We will have increased open access to learning materials including more flexible timeframes and bitesize opportunities
  • ​A more transparent and inclusive recruitment process to ensure we are managing expectations and providing wraparound support for underrepresented groups
  • Development of specialist artefacts or programmes where demand exists to support the health and care system
  • Embedding a learning culture with supporting infrastructure, including signposting to opportunities based on a combination of personal and work requirements

Find out more by reading the Establishing the NHS Digital Academy: Future Vision and Implementation Areas for Expansion report.