Specialist Academies

We want to ensure that tailored and contextualised learning is developed for specialist groups where demand exists and we see Heads of Profession roles (e.g. National CIO) becoming integral to this dialogue alongside FEDIP, Informatics Skills Development Networks and Regional Teams and/or ICS’s. This may, but not always, be because some specialist groups are likely to benefit from more specific technical training. Likewise, there may be a need to tailor online learning to increase its relevance to different specialist groups, driving up impact by making the learning more relevant and relatable to the individual.

We do not want to reinvent the wheel where good training already exists, where the demand is low or develop content for the sake of it. We want to provide a meaningful service to support specialist groups by developing resources which to help to meet their specific needs. Through our ongoing work in landscape mapping and curation, we can also help avoid duplication where necessary. Any work in this area will be done working closely with the Digital Readiness Supporting Our Digital Experts workstream. This work will be done as part of the service outlined above and may extend to exploring the development of face to face learning programmes as required.

There are a number of specialist groups we can work with to enable us to test, shape and develop the future service, working with wider groups and stakeholders who wish to collaborate. We currently have planned discovery work with Data Science and Analytics profession as well as User-centred Design. The HEE Knowledge and Library Services team have some significant work underway in this area. We are keen to learn from their findings and collaborate where possible. Fundamentally, these specialist academies must be demand led to be successful rather than be centrally determined in a one size fits all approach.