Sandra Eismann

Head of Demand and Capacity
NHS England, Greater London


I work in the NHS to improve services for patients and for staff. At the moment, I lead a national programme which aims to ensure that patients do not wait for treatment longer than necessary. I would like to see all services delivered for patients in the NHS being underpinned by demand and capacity planning. In order for me to achieve this, I need to make our demand and capacity support offer more accessible to colleagues working in the NHS who are responsible for planning NHS services in their local area and in hospitals.

HIP problem solving project

The team that I work in provides the NHS with industry standard demand and capacity models and training to ensure patients do not wait for treatment longer than necessary. Our models cover acute service and community and mental health services, for planned care and urgent and emergency services. At the moment, all of our training is available on our website or FutureNHS and our models are built in Excel.
I want to develop an app that makes our models more accessible, both in terms of user interface but also accessibility ‘on the go’. I would like to make our training on demand and capacity principles more accessible, with a more modern layout and digestible bite sized sections. I also want to explore how AI can support the prediction in demand and capacity fluctuations.