About the Digital Futures Programme

HEE working in partnership with Yale University, USA are looking for the digital leaders of tomorrow who want to explore health and social care on an international scale to enable them to collaborate more effectively to deliver better outcomes for the populations they serve.

The programme is aimed at groups of senior leaders and each team should include a Local Authority lead, a senior educationalist and a senior clinician or manager from within a local health and social care system.

This is a unique international digital leadership programme that offers a comprehensive learning experience including experiential learning, access to vast curricular resources and interaction with top-tier academics from both the UK and US.

The aims of the programme are to expand thinking from local to global, explore and look for solutions to health and social care problems outside of the ‘local system,’ and broaden perspectives. The programme is supported by top academics who bring deep understanding for system level change. The programme will not always be comfortable as it aims to challenge thinking and practice.

The programme is directly responsive to the vision, priorities and current workforce needs highlighted in The Topol Review, “Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Deliver the Digital Future, 2019.”

It will integrate the latest scientific evidence on digital technology innovation, change management, leadership, project management and project-based team learning. Our aim is to encourage and support participants to rethink traditional ways of working to address strategic system-level issues and collaborate more effectively to deliver high quality solutions for the populations they serve.