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  • Learning and development, NHS Digital Academy, Fellowships and scholarships, Artificial intelligence and robotics

    Blog 2: My journey as a Topol Digital Fellow

    I am delighted that my project on using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to develop a predictive algorithm is gathering pace and momentum. It illustrates the importance of support and encouragement from the Trust, where I am fortunate to get both from the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Executive.

    Published on 20 September 2022

    By Dr Venkatesh Muthukrishnan

  • Digital roles and career pathways, Allied Health Professions (AHPs)

    A week in the life of an AHP Specialist in Digital Health

    I am Simon Gaffney, a Senior Physiotherapist and Allied Health Professional (AHP) Specialist in Digital Health at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I have been part of the Digital Health team for approaching a year now and am currently the only AHP on the team. I work part time in Digital Health and part time in a regular clinical role.

    Published on 20 September 2022

    By Simon Gaffney

  • Fellowships and scholarships, Digital literacy, Consultations and surveys, Pharmacy

    Digital literacy and ease of use of digital systems survey

    Whilst working on the implementation and creation of a diverse range of digital projects throughout the years, as well as from colleague feedback, I have found that one of the most common and impactful barriers universal to them all is digital literacy. So, when generating my Topol Digital Fellowship proposal on the digital transformation of an aseptic unit, I wanted to include it as a key priority, to make sure everyone could enjoy the benefits, and that no one felt left behind.

    Published on 24 August 2022

    By Simon Underwood

  • Digital health leadership, Digital roles and career pathways, Clinical informatics, Pharmacy

    A week in the life of an NHS Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO)

    I’m Sarah Thompson, a Pharmacist and Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust in the north west. I’ve been specialised in a digital role for over 11 years now, an alumni of Cohort 1 of the NHS Digital Academy, and I’m very proud to be one of the first CCIOs with a Pharmacy background in the NHS.

    Published on 01 August 2022

    By Sarah Thompson

  • Strategic workforce planning and modelling, Nursing and midwifery

    Why The Phillips Ives Review is crucial to shape our nursing and midwifery digital future

    When I started my role as Chief Nursing Information Officer for England the Covid-19 pandemic was in full flow. During this time, we witnessed the adoption of technology across the country at pace in a way I’ve never experienced throughout my nursing career. With the adoption of these new technologies, nurses and midwives faced increasing pressure, not just from the strain caused by the pandemic, but being able to adapt and use these new systems.

    Published on 27 July 2022

    By Natasha Phillips

  • Fellowships and scholarships, NHS Digital Academy, Professional networks

    My journey as a Topol Digital Fellow

    This is my first blog post for the Topol Digital Fellowships programme, so for those who don’t know me I’ll give a quick introduction. My name is Venkatesh Muthukrishnan, I am a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist working at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

    Published on 25 July 2022

    By Dr Venkatesh Muthukrishnan

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics, Medical

    Reflections on AIMED22 – Is it ‘time to get real’ about AI?

    Between 24 and 26 May I had the privilege of being invited to join international experts at the AIMED Global Summit.

    Published on 20 July 2022

    By Dr. Hatim Abdulhussein

  • Fellowships and scholarships, NHS Digital Academy, Professional networks

    Making new connections with old friends at the first Topol Digital Fellowship conference

    Friday 11 February 2022 was a very exciting day for me as the Programme Manager for the Topol Digital Healthcare Fellowship, as it was the first Topol conference and the first face-to-face meeting of Cohort 2!

    Published on 04 April 2022

    By Louise Booth

  • Learning and development, Digital health leadership, NHS Digital Academy, Equality and diversity

    Exploring why we need a more inclusive and broader offering for the Digital Health Leadership Programme

    When I first started to work on the future vision for the NHS Digital Academy and oversee the Cohort 4 application process working with a great team, I was absolutely utterly terrified.

    Published on 21 March 2022

    By Aasha Cowey

  • Learning and development, Digital health leadership, NHS Digital Academy, Pharmacy

    How the Digital Health Leadership Programme helped to develop me as a leader

    As the Chair of the Digital Subgroup for the National Homecare Medicines Committee, I was particularly excited to learn about the Digital Health Leadership Programme opportunity offered by Health Education England (HEE).

    Published on 14 March 2022

    By See Mun Wong