Dr. Salah Ghazal Hammouche, a current Topol Digital Health Fellow speaks about his journey Guidelines Genius and the Topol Fellowship.


Greetings. I am Dr. Salah Hammouche, a Senior Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar at the London Postgraduate School of Surgery. My medical journey has been characterised by an unwavering commitment to incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into clinical practice, a pursuit that culminated in my involvement with the Topol Digital Health Fellowship.

Early aspirations and achievements

Since the commencement of my medical career, I have been intimately engaged in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, focusing on the transformative potential of technological advancements in patient care. My academic path, distinguished by a Doctor of Medicine (MD), a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), and an Master of Sciences (MSc) in Orthopaedic and Biomedical Engineering, alongside numerous esteemed memberships and accolades, bears witness to my dedication to this domain.

The genesis of Guidelines Genius

During my tenure as a Topol fellow, I, along with my esteemed colleague Dr Adam Julius, initiated the Guidelines Genius Startup project. This award-winning endeavour, marrying large language models with Retrieval Augmented Generation technology, seeks to enhance healthcare intelligence. The project utilises a chatbot application for the analysis and application of organisational documents, including clinical guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The core of the project

Guidelines Genius transcends the conventional bounds of artifical intelligence (AI) tools by focusing on augmenting the healthcare decision-making process. The chatbot application, comprising elements such as the Chatbot Engine, PDF Reader, and Vector Database, has been meticulously crafted to be both user-friendly and efficient, reflecting my philosophy that technology should bolster healthcare professionals, not supplant them.

Recognition and impact

This project was honoured with the best presentation award at the Royal Society of Medicine's AI in Orthopaedic Conference, organised by Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK), signifying its potential to significantly influence the landscape of healthcare innovation.

The journey and challenges

Initiated at the Intervention Convention Centre in Birmingham, the fellowship offered an invaluable platform for networking and idea exchange. I found inspiration in the diversity of projects and the shared zeal for improvement. Nonetheless, this journey was not devoid of hurdles. Engaging stakeholders, adapting to their operational rhythms, and maintaining a balance between clinical duties and project development demanded both flexibility and resilience.

Personal reflections

This Topol fellowship journey has been profoundly influential. I extend my profound gratitude to the Topol Faculty, notably Dr. James Freed, Mr Simeon Kent, and Ms Halarna Davis, for their steadfast support. I also extend my thanks to Dr. Adam Julius, Professor Declan O’Regan, Professor Andrea Rockall, and Dr. Jack Ross. This fellowship has not only facilitated the development of Guidelines Genius but has also fostered my growth as a healthcare professional and innovator.


A special acknowledgement to my family: My mother, Dr. Ibtisam A. Ghazal, MD, a pioneering oncologist in Paris and Syria, and my father, Dr. Adnan Hammouche, MD, PhD, whose intellectual curiosity has been a guiding force. My sister, Dr Dalia Hammouche, a recent Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Paediatric Oncology, and her husband Hisham also merit a heartfelt mention for their academic achievements and personal milestones.

Looking forward

As I navigate the confluence of healthcare and technology, my objective remains unequivocally focused on enhancing patient outcomes through innovative approaches. I warmly invite you to accompany me on this exhilarating journey towards the dawn of digital health.

For further insights or potential collaborations, please contact me.


Dr. Salah A. I. Ghazal Hammouche

Topol Digital Health Fellow and Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar at the London Postgraduate School of Surgery

MD, PhD, MSc (Ortho Eng), Cert.BMS, MRCS (Eng), FEBOT, SICOT

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