Horizon scanning

The AI Roadmap

Working with Unity Insights, the AI Roadmap (and interactive dashboard) was published in January 2021 which refines a database of 240 AI technologies which are ready or almost ready for deployment. The roadmap helps to provide evidence for prioritisation through an assessment of: 

  • Which clinical area and workforce groups will be affected by the technology 

  • Likely time to deployment 

  • Impact of the primary workforce group, pathway and system. 

Healthcare workers’ confidence in AI

In addition, we are working with the NHS AI Lab on research to understand healthcare workers’ confidence in AI and the elements that need to be in place to have appropriate confidence in AI technologies. The findings are themed in three layers: 

  • Governance – the fundamental elements which affect confidence in AI at all levels 

  • Implementation – the practical introduction of AI at a local level  

  • Clinical use – supporting decision making with appropriate confidence.  

The research findings will be published in Spring 2022.