Development of the profession and service specific learning requires the use of established frameworks, tools and resources to revise and shape education and training, professional standards, accreditation and career development.

Psychological Practitioners Digital Competence Framework

The aim of these competences is to support the development of digital practice skills for all applied psychologists and psychological practitioners. They may be used by practitioners and trainers to monitor competences and for curriculum design and the definition of learning outcomes in relation to digital practice. As these competences have broad application organisations will need to consider the fit to their particular clinical setting.

View the Psychological Practitioners Digital Competence Framework.

Digital competency framework for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

This framework, developed by Topol Digital Fellow alumnus Chris Tack, has been developed to support the enhancement of digital competence for all AHPs, from band 3 to band 9. It is intended to be a developmental and supportive tool that can enable all AHP staff to meet their digital potential. The framework will be developed into an interactive profession specific self-assessment tool in the future.

View the Digital Competency Framework for AHPs.

Supporting Digital Literacy in the Pharmacy Workforce

This document has been developed to relate the Health Education England Digital Capability Framework to the pharmacy workforce across different levels. This will then signpost individuals to a range of training programmes to help improve their knowledge, skills and competencies that should support their ability to adopt and adapt to the changes in practice the digital transformation will enable.

View Digital Capabilities for the Pharmacy Workforce.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Healthcare Technologies Capability framework

A clear need for our healthcare workforce is to continually adapt to meet the needs of the society it serves. Health Education England (HEE) commissioned the University of Manchester to perform a learning needs analysis and develop a framework outlining the skills and capabilities to ensure our health and care professionals can work in a digitally enhanced environment.

View Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Healthcare Technologies Capability framework.

Frameworks in production

Work is underway to produce the following frameworks:

  • Digital Skills for the Primary Care workforce
  • Digital Skills for the Mental Health workforce