The impact of FastFutures and the mentoring experience is evident through feedback from both mentors and mentees on the programme and their individual stories.

Mentee feedback:

"I feel I have developed and grown more as an individual thanks to the perfect balance of hard and soft skills which are integrated throughout the programme. I also feel better equipped and more confident to know what employers are looking for. My mentoring experience has also been very positive. I have had 3 sessions with my mentor Ruth, and has been very supportive and approachable from the first session. I never realised the value of having a mentor and networking until now." Anusha Sandeep, FastFutures learner. 

"Before meeting my mentor, I struggled to convey my ideas in interview situations. However, since our calls I have already seen vast improvement in my confidence. She has also introduced me to one of her graduates working with Data Analytics so that I could learn even more about working in this field. My mentor used her own personal experience to help me change my perspective on public speaking. She is an exceptional mentor and person to speak to." Matthew Hepke, FastFutures learner. 

Mentor feedback:

"Having mentored learners on the FastFutures programme since Cohort 2 in 2020, I have continued to mentor on all subsequent cohorts. Not only have I found the mentoring experience to be extremely rewarding, I felt inspired to venture into becoming the employment partner and stakeholder lead for the NHS through the NHS Digital Academy.

FastFutures attracts a diverse pool of learners onto the programme and this has very much been reflected in my mentoring experiences. I have enjoyed supporting and encouraging my mentees, watching them springboard onto very different and exciting careers, not least prestigious graduate schemes. I would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering time to mentor learners on the programme, it is such a rewarding thing to do." Ruth Levin, Project Manager, NHS Digital Academy, and FastFuture mentor.