The Digital Academy are working with Health Careers to ensure the wide variety of Digital, Data and Technology roles are represented on the Health Careers website.

Health Careers exists to promote the breadth of opportunities in the NHS, with over 350 careers. As a vital tool to inspire our future workforce into health and care careers, work is underway to ensure that the wide-ranging opportunities in DDaT are well represented on the Health Careers website

Promoting DDaT on Health Careers also supports the DDaT professionalism agenda, which continues to progress at pace across health and care, the National Competency Framework for Data Professionals in Health and Care having recently been launched. It provides a response to actions within the National Digital Workforce Plan which is being developed and aligns with the recently launched NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, all targeted at tackling workforce challenges and skills shortages in the NHS. 

Whilst restructuring the existing content on DDaT roles and progressing with wider DDaT representation on Health Careers with the more mature DDaT professions including Data and Analytics and Cyber Security, you should start to see changes and new content being developed in the coming months.   

If you know of anyone either early in their career or looking for a career move, we would encourage you to explore Health Careers for inspiration. 

Page last reviewed: 21 August 2023
Next review due: 20 August 2024