All regional Skills Development Networks that support staff in Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) disciplines have agreed to align their name to Digital Skills Development Networks (DSDNs).

This will allow the networks to better promote the brand across all eight regions in England. To explain further the networks are aiming to provide support (learning and development, networking, sharing best practice) to anybody whose profession is defined as one of the DDaT job families.

DSDNs have now been set up in all regions of England. Initially they had funding support from NHS England (formerly Health Education England’s), Digital Academy to get established, but the longer-term aim is to become self-sustainable and funded by their member organisations. Each regional network has a steering group consisting of senior digital leaders which sets the direction of their regional network.

In March 2024 all regional networks will be conducting a Digital Workforce Data collection via an online collection tool. This will be completed by individual organisations reflecting the staffing they have in post as at 29 February under the DDaT job families with the deadline for completion by the 2 April. The workforce data collection is a valuable and important piece of work that will hopefully inform future regional and national workforce planning.

Get involved

Regional networks would really value senior leaders and members of the Digital Academy Alumni to become involved.

We would also encourage you to register on the Skills Development Network’s website and make contact with your regional Digital Skills Development Manager, as outlined below.

Regional Digital Skills Development Network (DSDN) Managers

North East
DSDN Manager Catherine Grant
Contact details [email protected]
Yorkshire and the Humber
DSDN Manager Caroline Booth
Contact details [email protected]
North West
DSDN Manager Christine Banks
Contact details [email protected]
DSDN Manager Nicola Jamson
Contact details [email protected]
East of England
DSDN Manager Sarah Mansi
Contact details [email protected]
DSDN Manager Elisa Paolacci
Contact details [email protected]
South East
DSDN Manager Lois Cavallaro
Contact details [email protected]
South West
DSDN Manager Emily Simmonds
Contact details [email protected]

For more information, please contact Christine Banks.


Christine Banks

Digital Skills Development Network Lead

NHS England

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