Genomics in the NHS: A Clinician’s guide to genomic testing for rare disease

Published on 25 November 2022

Medical, Learning and development, Healthcare science

On Monday 21 November, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP), working in collaboration with St George’s University of London, launched the first of two practical courses for clinicians involved in ordering genomic tests.

Hosted on the FutureLearn platform and set over two weeks the course, A clinicians guide to genomic testing for rare disease, will provide a practical introduction to genomic testing for rare disease and support clinicians in ordering tests and feeding back results to patients, including tutorials on how to use the National Genomic Test Directory and other resources.

Learners will hear from a wide range of people, from genomics specialists to patients with lived experience of rare disease, to help contextualise the scope and importance of the service.

For further details or to sign up, please visit the course page.