A summary report that delves deeper into how the use of digital technologies will help the health and care workforce perform to their full potential and meet the future demand for services.

This report has been published by Health Education England (HEE). The report shows how HEE is investing and making a difference by developing a continuous learning environment and enabling new ways of working, as well as highlighting how improved technology can help health and care services to be organised and delivered more efficiently.

The paper showcases how HEEs Innovation, Digital and Transformation (IDT) Directorate is making a difference now to re-shape the world of education, training and workforce redesign. By helping to build digital capability, IDT is maximising the benefits of new technologies and developing a culture of 'digital first' by drawing on the latest thinking, evidence, and knowledge to spread learning and intervene at pace and scale.

Working with partners, including Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), the Directorate is taking a leading role in cross-system workforce planning and shaping future health and social care workforce strategies.

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