NHS England have announced a new course, fairness and responsibility in human AI interaction in medical settings, hosted by the Turing Institute and free for all.

The course explores the issues affecting fair, safe and ethical use of AI in healthcare, including novel scenario-based learning to see the effect of decisions made through the AI design, implementation phases of a healthcare AI project.

The course has been developed by NHS England’s Workforce, Training and Education Directorate in collaboration with the University of Manchester and Logica.

The Digital Academy’s Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Education (DART-Ed) programme has recently published 2 reports highlighting the need for and routes towards the workforce’s preparedness for clinical AI adoption.

This course is a first step towards turning the findings and learnings of the reports into practical real world educational resources for the health and care workforce, both within the NHS and globally.

Find out more about the course on the the Alan Turing Institute website.