This event - dedicated to Chief Clinical Informatics Officers (CCIOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Nursing Informatics Officers (CNIOs), together with current and aspiring digital health leaders - is organised by Digital Health and is available exclusively for members of Digital Health Networks.

The Digital Health summer schools will be held at the University of York during 14-15 July.

Through a programme of speeches and workshops, the summer schools will explore the evolving challenges of being an effective digital leader in the NHS and the different dimensions of leadership roles. It provides an opportunity to network and to reflect upon what it means to lead on digital; to explore how roles have evolved; and to discuss the support leaders need.

The Phillips Ives review participation at summer schools 

Natasha Phillips, CNIO, NHS England will attend the summer schools along with a some of the review’s Phillips Ives and Florence Nightingale fellows. During a keynote speech on 15 July, Natasha will introduce The Phillips Ives review.

If you are attending summer schools come along to our 1-hour breakout session, at 14:00-15:00 on 15 July, and be part of the conversation on professionalisation of the digital nurse and midwife. The session will focus on understanding the experience of the specialist workforce, preparation for roles including your experience in education and training. We want you to share your thoughts and experiences to inform the findings of The Phillips Ives review. All professions welcome to attend. 

Points from the roundtable will be captured in a written record and an artist will also capture the discussion in ‘visual minutes’. These insights will be provided to the review's panels after the session. 

In the margins of the summer schools programme, The Phillips Ives review team intends to film ‘voxpox’ style short interviews with participants and to capture quantative data regarding one or more of the other review themes in the shape of a rich picture informed by delegate input. Quotes from the filmed interviews and visuals might be used at a later date as evidence to bring the interim/final review reports to life.

If your unable to attend this session at summer schools visit our Phillips Ives Nursing and Midwifery review webpages to find out more and explore other ways to get involved.

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