Webinar to watch - Building appropriate confidence in AI to enable safe and ethical adoption

Published on 16 February 2022

Artificial intelligence and robotics, Strategic workforce planning and modelling, Policy and strategy

The second instalment of the DART-Ed webinar series took place on 1 February 2022 looking at how safe, effective, and ethical adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare relies on confidence in using AI products.

The webinar is now available to watch online.

Participants were introduced to the findings of a report, produced by HEE and NHSX, which will be published in early 2022, outlining the educational needs of NHS healthcare professionals, through a detailed understanding of how we build confidence in the use of AI algorithms.

On the panel were:

  • Dr Maxine Mackintosh (Chair) - Programme Lead - Diversity, Genomics England
  • Dr Hatim Abdulhussein - Clinical Lead of DART-Ed Programme, Health Education England
  • Dr Annabelle Painter - Clinical fellow - AI and Workforce, Health Education England and NHSX
  • Dr Michael Nix - Clinical Fellow - AI and workforce, Health Education England and NHSX
  • George Onisiforou - Research Manager, NHS AI Lab, NHSX