Explore the benefits of University Technical Colleges (UTCs) for employers and educators.

Benefits for employers

Employer organisations that partner with the University Technical Colleges (UTCs) see many benefits. Employers have the opportunity to engage with and inspire students to consider careers in health and care.

Across the UTCs students have worked with NHS partners to create many innovative projects, including:

  • an exploration of the digital skills and knowledge needed for nursing, led by Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park
  • health improvement and ill-health prevention app development at Leigh UTC in Dartford, supported by the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps (ORCHA)
  • prototype and redesign of a laryngoscope using industry standard computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) package and 3D printers, with the support of Liverpool University at Liverpool Life Sciences
  • using the Internet of Things to support people with disabilities to stay in their own homes
  • personalising prosthetics and utilising graphine in 3D priniting, with Promake, at UTC Derby
  • using Virtual Reality (VR) to help practitioners explore dementia at Mulberry UTC, London
  • gamifying apps to improve health outcomes and for health professionals, with Axian Consulting at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park UTC

These projects, created in partnership with healthcare providers, offer solutions to real problems, and can be adopted by the workforce to improve patient management, treatment, and experience. Students also gain experience of using technology to improve services and an understanding of some of the issues faced in healthcare, making them more likely to consider a career in digital healthcare.

By partnering with the UTCs, particularly through the Digital Health Pathways Programme, we aim to increase the number of entrants into roles in health and social care organisations who have a better understanding of how digital and data improves care, patient experience, public health measures and outcomes. 

Benefits for educators

Involvement of educators and education providers with the UTCs and Digital Health Pathways Programme helps to raise awareness of careers, challenges and opportunities in the health and care sector amongst students.

Tutors and educators at the UTCs will be given targeted digital health skills training as part of the Digital Health Pathways Programme and a bank of shared resources will be developed.

Each UTC has at least one university as a lead partner. Universities play a key role in many important aspects of the UTC.


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