Find out more about University Technical Colleges (UTCs).

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are state-funded schools for mostly 14 to 19-year-olds that offer a career-focussed education. They provide employer-led, technical education that prepares students for employment. You can find out more information about UTCs on their website

The NHS Digital Academy, along with other major industry partners and education specialists, works with the UTCs to ensure the future workforce are equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully begin their careers. 15 UTCs have a health specialism, and 18 have a digital specialism. By bringing together the learning from the 2, we can create the digital health professionals of the future. 

For the NHS Digital Academy, we are committed to developing a new generation of digitally competent professionals to improve communications and have a positive impact on patient outcomes. One way we are doing this is through our partnership with the UTCs on the Digital Health Pathways Programme.


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