The digital healthcare technology domain is fast moving and dynamic, as such the framework is not intended to be a static document but the starting point for an evolving and continually changing living document. This can be overseen through setup and use of a working group.

Who does the framework apply to?

The capabilities in the framework describe the skills and knowledge that the health and social care workforce should be aware of and actively developing depending on their role. Due to the fluid nature of some roles that can span clinical and IT fields the use of archetypes was adopted so individuals and managers can best identify which are likely to apply depending on the nature of a persons role and duties. The framework is intended to help people identify which capabilities they may be lacking in order to help them focus on those areas that are likely to be directly relevant to their role as healthcare adopts more technology and embraces digital transformation.

How can the framework be used?

This framework can be used:

  • by individuals to identify and target gaps in their learning
  • by educational providers to map their courses and programmes against and as a basis from which to develop educational resources
  • by employers and managers to identify the training needs of their staff and for strategic planning purposes
  • to identify appropriate training and educational courses and resources

Page last reviewed: 14 February 2023
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