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Watch the recordings from our undergraduate online digital healthcare education day

Published date: 26 September 2023
The Digital Academy and Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor recently held an online digital healthcare education day for undergraduate medical, health and life science students.

Undergraduate online digital healthcare education day for health and life science students

Published date: 15 August 2023
Join experts in the fields of digital health and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare for a day of online, interactive learning.

NHS Long Term Workforce Plan puts digital at the forefront

Published date: 04 July 2023
NHS England has released the first ever Long Term Workforce Plan, with a clear focus on utilising digital and data to ensure the workforce is prepared to deliver care in the future.

Launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Regulations Service

Published date: 21 June 2023
The AI and Digital Regulations Service has published a section aimed at adopters.

New course - "Fairness and responsibility in human artificial intelligence (AI) interaction in medical settings"

Published date: 09 May 2023
NHS England have announced a new course, fairness and responsibility in human AI interaction in medical settings, hosted by the Turing Institute and free for all.

Couch Conversation with Dr Anthony Chang and Dr Hatim Abdulhussein

Published date: 01 March 2023
Watch this conversation with Dr Anthony Chang, Founder, AIMed and Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Dr Hatim Abdulhussein, Clinical Fellow Robotics and AI, Health Education England.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Healthcare Technologies Capability Framework published today

Published date: 21 February 2023
The new AI capability framework, published on 21 February, addresses the need for our health and care workforce to continually adapt their skills and capabilities, ensuring they can work in a digitally and data enhanced environment to meet the needs of the society it serves.

New research calls for all health and care staff to be trained in artificial intelligence (AI)

Published date: 25 October 2022
All health and care staff should receive training in artificial intelligence (AI) with additional specialist training for those who use AI tools in clinical practice, according to new research published today.

We are proud to announce the first cohort of Fellows in Clinical Artificial Intelligence!

Published date: 13 May 2022
This unique programme will train a generation of NHS leaders to deliver the transformational power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

Webinar to watch - Building appropriate confidence in artificial intelligence (AI) to enable safe and ethical adoption

Published date: 16 February 2022
The second instalment of the DART-Ed webinar series took place on 1 February 2022 looking at how safe, effective, and ethical adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare relies on confidence in using AI products.